FBT Elettronica S.p.A.

Via Paolo Soprani 1, Zona Ind.le Squartabue 62019 Recanati (MC), ITALY.
+39 071750591
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The Company

Since 1963, FBT designs and manufactures highly professional audio products, with the aim of improving sound quality, making it clean, harmonic and melodious, thus enabling music to strike listeners’ hearts and souls. FBT is now a leading industry at national and international level. A long high varied experience ranging from Professional Audio Equipment, through Audio Contractor installed sound systems, Cicognani, Qube, Kempton, to the Musical Instrument Distribution division, focused on the marketing of top brands such as Pearl, Sabian, JTS, Crafter, Hardcase and Phonic (2011) in the Italian market.

Made In Italy Quality

A production chain entirely Made in Italy, every stage of which is carried out in the FBT factory, a single structure which includes everything from the research and design lab, through the electronic sector, the plastic molding department, carpentry shop, mechanical workshop, paint shop and test department through to assistance and after-sales service.Great care with every detail and a vocation for top design, the result of an all-Italian tradition, for which style is a timeless art, full of values and meaning.

Know How

Innovation in tradition. This is FBT’s secret. The vast know how built up through the years, the highly specialized engineering and the impulse towards the discovery of new important frontiers in audio, enable FBT to realize top-quality professional audio systems. A team of experts able to select the most suitable innovative materials and offer constantly avant-garde top level acoustic and electronic technology. On-going renewal, constant evolution that never forgets tradition and the original starting point: a passion for Music.