Fidelity Electronics was established in 1962 as an electronic retailer. With over 50 years in the professional and commercial audio sector. We specialize in commercial and professional audio design and installation for applications such as bars, restaurant, shopping complex, banks and hospitals. Fidelity Electronics has done significant business in Trinidad and Tobago.  Our products are used throughout the industry where high quality trouble free, engineered commercial audio system is required.

Fidelity Electronics Ltd is the authorized distributor for the follow brands –

  • FBT

  • Ram Audio

  • Audix Microphones

  • Amphenol Audio Connectors

  • Reference Laboratories Cables

  • Beyma


Commercial Audio

  • Designing custom sound for restaurants, hospitals, schools, house of worship, hotels, malls, gym, supermarkets.
  • Conference Systems
  • Security and Emergency Systems P.A Systems

Professional Audio

  • Designing custom sound and retail of audio equipment for live performances, concerts, stadiums, clubs, sports bars, recording studio.
  • Retail professional audio equipment such as high powered monitors, line array systems, subwoofers, mixers, high power amplifiers and professional cables.


To be the premier audio supplier that you turn to for all audio designs and needs. Whether you have an existing audio system or looking to expand or upgrade we’re the company to call.


Customer Service

We are devoted to providing a life time of service to you. No one can beat us when it comes to customer satisfaction


With over 20 years experience in the audio industry. You can assure yourself that we know what we are doing

Product Quality

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality of audio equipment and accessories to our customers.

Customer Satisfaction

We have been striving to provide our clients the best quality service possible to gain their full satisfaction.

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